The Project

Belt il-Bniedem (City of Humanity) is an artistic/educational project conceived by the composer Reuben Pace and is being done in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of National Heritage, Arts and Local Government.

As from 2021 the Executive producer of the project is the Mikiel Anton Vassalli College for the Visual and Performing Arts under the guidance of the Head of College Network Mr. Victor Galea. Belt il Bniedem provides a platform for the creation of new multi-disciplinary productions based on Maltese heritage and history.

In 2018 the opera ‘Swar’ was put up to great acclaim. Currently work is going on the production of Blat – The Island Fortress , the first ever Maltese opera film.

Cultural Packages

For enquiries on cultural packages to view the opera and other cultural events in Malta contact Travel Trade Ltd.
Louise Sammut, Sales and Marketing Executive.
Email: louise@traveltrade.com.mt.

Sponsors and Collaborators